The advisors at Rothschild guide each client individually through the wealth management process of defining goals, crafting a personalized investment plan designed to achieve those goals, and managing the on-going execution of the investment plan with a focus on risk-adjusted returns. The firm’s independence and our collegial atmosphere between advisors fosters a true ‘client-first’ approach, and promotes excellence in financial services through industry experience, investment knowledge, and a wide array of resources on and off Wall Street.

Our clients include wealthy families, high-net-worth individuals, local entrepreneurs, family holding companies, foundations/endowments, retirement accounts, and multi-generational Trust accounts. Our clients benefit from our ability to customize investment solutions to them specifically; they benefit from each advisors experience and deep level of expertise; they benefit from our independence; and, they benefit from our integrity as professionals.

Breakdown of Offerings We Provide for Wealth Management

Define Goals and Objectives

  • We work with you to discover and define your wealth management goals. We will review your objectives and provide you with actionable steps to take allowing you to achieve your objectives.
  • Using your goals and objectives combined with an understanding of your current financial situation, we create a tailored financial solution for you to follow.

Customized Asset Allocation Solutions

  • Asset allocation is one of the most important investment decisions to make. That is why we help you make the right ones for your short- and long-term goals.
  • We will work with you to determine the best way to spread your capital for premium returns. We help you choose the most optimal areas for asset allocation like stocks, bonds, and more that work for you individually.

Design an Account Structure that Most Efficiently Meets Your Goals and Objectives

  • Our goal is to get you the most out of your investments, and we do so by structuring your account to best meet your goals and objectives.
  • Taking into account factors such as risk tolerance and return objectives, we structure your account to help you realize your goals within your timeline.

Ongoing Monitoring of Investment Performance and Risk

  • We do not merely set you up with a tailored solution and leave it alone; we continually monitor it and make changes to keep you on track.

Tactical Investment Approach

  • We create diversity in your investments so that you don’t put all your eggs in one basket.
  • We monitor the market and take tried and tested steps to ensure that no one area of your plan can dominate the others. This approach ensures that you stay on track with as little risk as possible.

Ensure Risk-Return Profile Approach Remains Appropriate

  • By diversifying your asset allocations into various areas like stocks, bonds, and cash, we ensure that your risk-return profile stays within your limits.

Senior Investment Professionals

  • To give you peace of mind when it comes to your account, we have Senior Investment Professionals on hand to help you reach your goals and objectives.

In-Depth Investment Performance Reviews

  • We provide regular detailed reviews of your investment performance. You will get a deep dive into your current financial situation and how your investments and savings are performing.
  • We provide you with breakdowns for each area of your account, so you know exactly where your money is going and how it is performing.

Investment Analysis

  • We analyze each area of your investment and provide you with a simple breakdown of how you are performing and where you are regarding meeting your goals and objectives.

Consistent Delivery of Exceptional Client Service

  • Here at Rothschild Investment LLC, we genuinely believe in a client-focused approach to our business. As our client, you come first.
  • When you come to us for wealth management services, you are not only making a smart decision that will help you meet your retirement goals and needs, you are putting your faith in us. That is why we involve you in every step of the process and continuously communicate with you. So that you know how and why your investments are behaving the way they are.