Rothschild Investment LLC, originally known as Rothschild & Company, was founded in 1908 by Monroe Rothschild and his brother-in-law Samuel Karger and has long been a leading financial institution in Chicago, Illinois.

When the stock market crashed in 1929, sparking the Great Depression, it was Samuel Karger’s firm belief in personal client service, financial conservatism, and business acumen that allowed Rothschild to survive the crash. To this day, these tenets remain etched into Rothschild’s foundation and serve as the pillars of our business.

In 1933, Samuel brought his son Robert into the business. From the 1940s to the 1960s, first Samuel then Robert continually improved the company to create a truly client-focused investment firm. Investment products and services that represented conflicts of interest, however popular, were spun-off, disbanded, or never approved. Robert vetoed the lucrative practice of purchasing new public offerings for the firm’s own account, and the investment banking operation was terminated in the late 1960s.

Over the years, as many competing firms went out of business, the Kargers made many decisions with an eye towards improving client service and firm stability. These included utilizing specialized clearing firms for improved account service and safety, closing the futures brokerage division, and spinning off the trading operation.

Today, Richard Karger, Robert’s son, is the third generation of the founding family to run the company. Joining the firm in 1975 from Brown Brothers Harriman, Dick further aligned the interests of the firm with those of its clients, introducing the fee-based Investment Management Department, which he still runs today. Under his leadership, the firm is known for its conservative, disciplined portfolio management.

History Timeline


Rothschild & Company is founded by Monroe Rothschild and his brother-in-law Samuel Karger as a regional, full-service brokerage firm.


Samuel Karger’s son, Robert, who joined the firm in 1933, becomes CEO.


The firm closes its investment banking operations and by 1970 shifts focus to the retail brokerage business.


The Dow Jones hits 1,000.


After joining the firm in 1975 and establishing the Firm’s Investment Advisory Business, Dick Karger, son of Robert, becomes CEO.


Rothschild Investment Corporation establishes the Corporate Retirement Plan Consulting business.


Rothschild celebrates 100 years as a leading member in the financial investment industry.


The Dow Jones hits 15,000 marking it as one of its strongest periods and finishing the year up 23% over the previous year.


Rothschild is responsible for over $2,000,000,000 of client assets.


Rothschild’s Corporate Retirement Plan Consulting Practice adds nearly 50 Illinois manufacturing clients in one year.


Rothschild turns 110 years old, surviving and thriving through two world wars and some of the most dramatic events on Wall Street.